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As Within So Without


This section is to ensure you and I are clear on my procedures and guidelines.

  1. - Please find a quiet place to be during your session.

  1. -Please take a few moments to ground yourself and disengage from any outside distraction prior to your session.

  1. -I will begin the session with a quick discussion of how I work, any questions you may have, and

    then settle into the rhythm of the reading.

- You are welcome to bring questions to the session or not.  Remember, this is about you and your higher self - the possibilities are endless.

  1. - I will not knowingly do an intuitive reading for anyone under age 18 unless accompanied by an


  1. -I reserve the right to refuse or terminate an intuitive reading at any time.  I will also respect my

    clients’ right to refuse or terminate their reading as long as the cancellation policy is adhered to.

This is your spiritual journey and I thank you for allowing me to walk a short distance with you !

How I work

I have a chronic illness that has lasted for over ten years. When I scheduled a medical reading with Kathy, I was skeptical whether it would be helpful or not. But once I had the reading with her I felt differently. She accurately saw the state of my ill health, describing in fine detail the nature of my condition. She was also able to intuit that my condition had layers of complexity that would have to be dealt with in turn. As I've implemented her suggestions, I have seen improvement. Before our meeting I was very frustrated that I was not making progress but now have confidence that I can restore my health in time.  

Lee R.

Kathy Davenport is absolutely one of the clearest, most detailed and accurate clairvoyants I've had the pleasure of knowing.  I don't say this often as I have so many talented students, but she is really at the top of the list. In fact, her clarity was apparent from the moment we started to work together, so that she will be the first one I call for a reading myself.  In addition to her ability to access intuitive information, she is so supportive, caring and could not possibly have more integrity and common sense.   Whether you are seeking greater understanding about your own life, spiritual path, relationship or health, or are looking for assistance with solving a crime or mystery, she is someone to consult with.

Debra Lynne Katz

Author & Director/Instructor of the International School of Clairvoyance

Working with Kathy was a great experience for me!  It brought me new insight and affirmation about myself and others in my family and I'm so grateful for that experience.  Her connection and sensitivity are authentic and heart-centered and I will be back for more!  Thank you!


Vicky G.

Clairvoyant is the term I use, as it is recognizable to most as someone who uses a “6th” sense” to discern information about another person, object, animal, etc.  Other names would be psychic, intuitive, telepathic, visionary, mystic, etc.

How I work with you is I connect to your higher self/spirit/soul and reflect back to you what I see, hear, feel, or have a knowing about. 

This is expansive, harmonic, healing energy work.

Each session is unique to the individual.

Some of the things people have asked me to address are connecting to those who have passed on, health/medical issues, career, relationships, and past lives.  Others have belief systems, blockages, or veils they want to shift.

Here are some comments from a few of my clients and a wonderful teacher of mine:

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